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Archive for April, 2013

What is a good literary citizen?


What is a good literary citizen? This is my definition: a person who supports creativity, who esteems work, and helps others grow in their craft. It’s a person who buys books (and lots of them!) and networks on behalf of authors and writers she or he admires. Read the rest of this post at my agency’s blog, The Wordserve Water Cooler, today, and find out about a fun Mother’s Day bookish giveaway I will be doing … here. *In an effort to pay it forward…

The Special Needs Soul

holding glass

(Join me in welcoming my friend Meredith Cornish who is guest posting today. Read more about Meredith’s awesome family at The Special Needs Soul Here’s something to think about… does every person have a soul? If you are a Christian, you might answer without blinking and not feel the need to think about it for even a moment, however I want to challenge you to think a little further about how your life and surroundings may reflect this. If you believe that every person…

Polly’s birthday, thoughts on celebrating with Down syndrome

polly and kendall

Polly’s birthday, thoughts on celebrating with Down syndrome Her first birthday and my struggle with Down syndrome My daughter Polly’s first birthday was a great celebration. We had cake, and family, and friends, and ice cream, and pizza, and happiness. Lots of happiness. But we also had uncertainty, a bit of sadness, insecurity, uneasiness. Polly was born with Down syndrome, and on her first birthday, I still battled fear every day. What would life be like for my daughter? Would she do well in this…

What will my girls remember? On motherhood and depression

holding hands

On motherhood and depression I have a nasty habit of tying my blog posts up with little white bows at the end. For some reason, I always feel like I need to show the struggle and the triumph in my writing, but really, who am I kidding? Most of the things we struggle with aren’t fully rendered by one touching anecdote or a favorite Bible verse. No, our struggles continue. We learn. We struggle. We grow. We struggle. We feel better. We do better. We…

Tomorrow’s a ‘no’ day, a needed reminder in parenting kids with special needs

no day

Tomorrow’s a ‘no’ day, a needed reminder in parenting kids with special needs “Have a great day, Polly! And remember, make it a ‘YES’ day!” She stopped in her tracks and pivoted to face me. “Ok, Mom, but tomorrow is going to be a ‘no’ day.” My husband and I tried to hold it together, as we do daily with the one liners easily crafted by our funny little girl. Once I shut the door behind my little family, wiped the tears of laughter from my…