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gillian marchenko

Author and Speaker


Gillian Marchenko

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Gillian Marchenko is a sought after national speaker who has the ability to make a group laugh, think, and change. Some of her topics include 10 special needs of special needs parents, debunking the Proverbs 31 woman, depression and motherhood, lessons from Psalm 84, and motherhood (will I ever pee alone in peace?). Gillian has experience speaking to over twenty-five MOPS groups in the Midwest, the MOPS International Conference 2013, 2014, 2016, special needs seminars (including special needs training for churches with Joni and Friends Chicago), IN 2014, ADORE CHICAGO, on several radio broadcasts, and events and retreats for women. Her presentations can be tailored depending on need. She is also a part of INK, A Creative Collection.

From attenders at speaking engagements:

Gillian Marchenko speaks with candid authenticity that our moms could relate with immediately. She brought humor into the most serious of subjects, making what could have been uncomfortable, an open door to receive healing and understanding. She is a breath of fresh air… and fresh spirit.– Leah Denson, Faith Church 

Gillian came to our MOPS group. She made an immediate connection with the audience. She has a remarkable way, through her own story, of reminding us that we as moms not alone in this journey of motherhood and that no matter what are dealing with, it’s not easy! However, we will survive and see the light at the end of the tunnel. She gave me a sense of hope and comfort and I couldn’t wait to read her book. I bought two copies that day. She is an inspiration Megan Apt

We truly were blessed to have Gillian Marchenko as our Mother/Daughter Banquet speaker! Gillian spoke on the Proverbs 31 “Virtuous Woman”. She inspired us all that no matter where we are in our daily lives, we should take the time to be virtuous in just the smallest of things…..even if it’s in our yoga pants! We would love to have her back again next year…truly an inspiring and amazing speaker!! ~Kymber Petty New Life Church Women’s Ministry, 

“Gillian Marchenko speaks with a remarkable blend of grace and encouragement that allows you to forgive yourself past mistakes while being encouraged to reach out in God’s power and grow more into the woman and mom He can see in you. Her talk is at once light and humorous while also compelling.” – Amy Cope, Libertyville 

“Gillian’s presentation (Us and Them) was funny, moving, and thought-provoking. She shares her raw emotions, personal struggle, and God’s ultimate grace for her family. Gillian bares her heart as she talks about her passion for kids, especially those with Down syndrome Our MOPS group enjoyed her talk and we look forward to hearing her again”. – April VanderMeyden, Bethel CRC MOPS

“Gillian Marchenko has a real knack for creating a comfortable environment to talk about difficult topics like grief. We have all experienced grief in some way, and Gillian knows the importance of supporting parents and families through these times. She has thoughtful insights on how to support each other, especially when we don’t know what to say. She has special knowledge about supporting families with children with disabilities who might be experiencing episodic grief– how to validate their feelings while avoiding cliché, and fostering friendship and understanding.” Darcia Dierking, Roscoe Village MOPS Co-coordinator

“What I appreciate about Gillian’s talk was how real she was with her emotions. She spoke with a rawness and vulnerability that made her very relatable and caused me to be honest with some of my own emotions during a difficult situation. She conveyed how the Word of God was applied to her situation and how it can be applied to mine.”Julie Dokter, Church Nursery Coordinator for Napier Parkview Baptist Church and women’s retreat attendant

“Gillian opened her heart, and allowed us to see how God can bring healing to a mother’s broken spirit.  She is a great encouragement to those dealing with the challenges of parenting a child with special needs.” -Becky Van Til

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