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Archive for April, 2016

Still Life Book Trailer

Still Life, A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression

Still Life Book Trailer InterVarsity Press helped me put together a book trailer for Still Life. I cried when I watched it. God has been faithful in my family’s journey through major depressive disorder thus far, and I believe he will continue to lead  us as we navigate this, at times, tumultuous but beautiful life. Life with depression is Still Life I’d so appreciate it if you could share this book trailer of Still Life. Here’s a small excerpt from the book: “Mrs. Marchenko, our tests indicate…

Book launch day! Still Life is here…

Still Life book launch day

Book launch day… Still Life is here! It is Still Life’s book launch day. It is finally, officially my book launch day. Still Life, A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression is here. I can’t believe it. It seemed like this book launch was far away and now here it is, actual pages, a book with a binding and everything, being shipped off to people to read (well, I hope that part is true). “A person who publishes a book appears willfully in the public eye…