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Archive for March, 2014

On depression, hiding, and the need for raised hands


On depression, hiding, and the need for raised hands… (Please note: Once again, forgive my writing sluggishness. I’m sure there will be mistakes in the prose. My mind is a bit wonky after this recent depressive episode…) “How did your talks on depression go?” my mom asks over the phone as the sound of pots and pans clink in the background of our phone call. “I mean, was it hard? I found that when I’d go to support groups for fibromyalgia years ago, I’d come…

WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY – Every story counts


The theme I’m embracing this year for WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY is simple. Every story counts. I admit, the idea came to me rather selfishly at first. And it’s just me. There’ no bandwagon. I don’t have an organization behind me. I haven’t teamed up with a bunch of different bloggers. So my theme probably won’t go out into the world that far. That’s okay. The message rings true still, to me. One of the biggest push backs I’ve received (both in and outside the…