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Sign up for MEMOIR 101 & get a FREE 30 minute writing consult! My birthday present to you.


Sign up for MEMOIR 101 & get a FREE 30 minute writing consult!

A present for you! A FREE 30 minute writing consult. Here’s how and why… Today is my birthday. I’m happily 42 years old. For real. My 30s were pretty terrible (another blog post, or a book, or another book. Wait, already have ’em. Also, yes, I know I’m a drag). But, I’m excited about my new endeavor. Recently, I launched an online writing course called MEMOIR 101, write a memoir worthy of publishing. The class offers six lessons (details and topics here!) and each one includes an intro video, PowerPoint with embedded videos, downloadable notes, and an opportunity to interact in a comment section.

So, what’s the birthday present?

Okay, here’s my birthday present to you. Sign up for Memoir 101 (Just $167. Some online courses are over $1000!) and you’ll get a FREE 30 minute writing consult with me (Facetime!). My consultations regularly start at $65. If you grab on to this, you’re getting a deal. I don’t know everything, but I have published two memoirs and self-published one eBook. We can talk about anything you want, but it will probably be about writing because that makes the most sense, right?

What is memoir?

Just a quick explanation in case someone needs one: Memoir is nonfiction. It is different from ‘how to’ books. Memoirs are true stories made into art, hopefully the kind that pushes both the reader and writer towards a greater universal truth, self-exploration, and the need we all have; to know we aren’t alone.

Don’t get memoir confused with autobiography. An autobiography is a book about a whole life. A memoir is about a portion of (or you could say, an occurrence in) life.

Think of it like this: in memoir, you are looking at a part of your life through a microscope. An autobiography is a panoramic view.

When memoir is done right, it reads like fiction. Even though all the events are true, it is still a story that must contain scene, characterization, dialogue, etc.

Everyone has a story.

I’ve been writing professionally for over eight years. People often ask me about my experience. They tell me that they have a story to write. Well, now I have a concrete way to help! Memoir 101!

Birthdays come and go. And so will this gift! My FREE 30 minute writing consult opportunity is available until next Thursday, March 9th.

Wanna join me? I hope so!

SIGN UP FOR MEMOIR 101 and get your free consultation with me. Once you purchase the course, I’ll send you an email to set up a time to chat.

I promise I’m not as obnoxious as I’m coming off in this blog post.

At least, I don’t think I am? Hmm…

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