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Goodreads Still Life Giveaway!


Hey everyone!¬†For the next month, I am hosting a Goodreads¬†Still Life Giveaway. Enter on Goodreads and perhaps you’ll get 1 of the 3 free copies! The giveaway opened today and goes through July 29th, so make sure you check it out in the next month to get in on the fun!

Some friends have contacted me saying they’d like a copy of Still Life but don’t have the funds to purchase one right now. Well, here’s YOUR chance to get one! A Still Life giveaway!

In case you aren’t sure what Still Life is about, here’s a short synopsis:

“I stand on the edge of a cliff in my own bedroom.” Gillian Marchenko continues her description of depression: “I must keep still. Otherwise I will plunge to my death. ‘Please God, take this away,’ I pray when I can.” For Gillian, “dealing with depression” means learning to accept and treat it as a physical illness. In these pages she describes her journey through various therapies and medications to find a way to live with depression. She faces down the guilt of a wife and mother of four, two with special needs. How can she care for her family when she can’t even get out of bed? Her story is real and raw, not one of quick fixes. But hope remains as she discovers that living with depression is still life.

My goal in writing Still Life was to help people know they are not alone in their depression or other mental illness. I’m trying to remember that life with depression is STILL LIFE. I hope the book helps others to do the same.

Hope to see you there! And if you already have a copy, perhaps you can try to win one for a friend in your life or to donate somewhere. Don’t you like free things? A Still Life giveaway. It’s free :).


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Still Life by Gillian Marchenko

Still Life

by Gillian Marchenko

Giveaway ends July 29, 2016.

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at Goodreads.

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