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October is Down syndrome Awareness Month – Get Involved!


Evangeline Down syndrome awareness

October is Down syndrome Awareness Month – Get Involved!

I love the fall, for sure. But I also love a whole month dedicated to help educate the world about my two daughters with Down syndrome, Evie and Polly, and about so many individuals living in our communities who are amazing contributors to society.

My CHALLENGE to you this month is to:

Share something about Down syndrome on social media (you can lift stuff from my blog at or from my Facebook page).

Here’s a quick cheat sheet of my top Down syndrome posts:

To the new mother of a baby with Down syndrome

21 facts about Down syndrome

For Parents who aren’t ready to celebrate Down syndrome

What to do with a severe and profound label for my daughter with Down syndrome

10 things to say when a baby is born with Down syndrome

10 things not to say to a parent of a child with Down syndrome

This little light of mine, watching my daughter with Down syndrome ‘get it’ with PECS

She’s enough: Parenting a child with ‘low functioning’ Down syndrome

An eight-year-old birthday party with Down syndrome

Introducing children with Down syndrome to the classroom

10 things teachers should know about Down syndrome

And a couple Memes you can use, or just steal the idea:

evie labelEviewdsd











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Purchase an extra
copy of my book SUN SHINE DOWN
and donate it to a school, church, or library943708_10201469268630810_835252172_n.

Volunteer once at an organization (or donate) in your area that focuses on Down syndrome (GiGi’s Playhouse, Down syndrome Associations, Special Olympics, and so many more! These organizations also have literature you can pass out in your neighborhood, to your doctor, and at schools. Cool, huh?

-Check out a great list of bloggers: parents and self advocates who share their lives and experiences with others.

Click here for Down syndrome Blogs

As I like to say, the trick is to be so aware that a month is no longer required!

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    I borrowed your 21 Facts list to my blog 🙂 Hope thats ok!!

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