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gillian marchenko

Author and Speaker

Memoir 101:

Write a memoir worthy of publishing.


Memoir 101, Write a memoir worthy of publishing

…is a great new opportunity for you! My new online writing course will help you write a memoir worthy of publishing. I am excited!

First of all, here are the details:

Everyone has a story. In Memoir 101, I teach the basics of writing memoir with the goal of seeing your book in print. I have over eight years of professional experience. As a result, I can help you:

– Understand the genre of memoir.

– Start.

– Key in on your theme.

– Find your structure.

– Become the narrator.

– Get your rough draft down.

– Develop craft.

– Write strong.

Each lesson includes:

– A video lesson on the topic.

– PowerPoint presentations (to download) that include videos from me embedded in the slides (the teaching part of each lesson).

– Downloadable notes from the lesson in PDF form.

– Assignments.

– A comment section in each lesson to ask questions and interact with me and other students.

– Occasional live interaction via chats and videos (you will be invited through email).

Finally, this course is designed for your convenience and it is about your speed and timeline.

After you purchase Memoir 101, go through it in eight weeks or take your time and you always, always have the option to review any lesson. Some online writing courses cost as much as $1000. My eight-week introductory course is $167.00. That’s a smidgen over $20 a lesson. People spend that much at Starbucks each week!

What people are saying about the course:

Many of us desire to tell our stories well, but few of us understand how to do that in writing. Wherever you are in your goal of telling your story through memoir, Gillian will help you make progress! Much like reading one more chapter of a book you can’t put down, Memoir 101 keeps you moving from lesson to lesson because you can’t wait to discover what you’ll learn next. Once you’ve purchased this course, you are free to move through the lessons at your own pace. And the best part? Gillian and the other students will interact with you in the online comments section of each lesson, pushing you forward and providing the encouragement you need to grow as a writer.

Learning about the essay structure was a breath of fresh air that has energized me. I was able to sit down and actually write out a list of various essay topics and realized that a book was forming that actually tells a story! Thank you, Gillian!


MEMOIR 101 is designed for students to download the lessons and work through them individually. Live videos and chats are not included (although you may receive an invitation for a special event sometimes). A comment section provides interaction for each lesson.



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