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My writing course: Memoir 101, write a memoir worthy of publishing


Memoir 101, write a memoir worthy of publishing



Write a memoir worthy of publishing.


Guys, let me tell you about my new project! I am working on an online course called Memoir 101, write a memoir worthy of publishing. Do you have a story? Love to write? Want to write? Are you in the middle of a project?

This course is for you!


My approach:


  • My goal is to help you write a publish worthy memoir. Why these specific words? Because they provide an all-encompassing thesis for Memoir 101. Whether you want to publish a book, or grow as a writer, or even if you are simply exploring the genre, this course will teach you to work towards writing a book worth reading. You’ll learn about craft, build writing muscles, and better understand the genre of memoir. Wherever you are in the process, I want you to make PROGRESS. I want these eight lessons to mean something to you. So, watch the videos, take notes, and utilize assignments and resources I provide, and interact with me through the comment section. I give you this information to make you a better writer. Take advantage of it!

My plan:


  • I’m purposefully going to write about craft and practical aspects of writing. I know that as I was writing my books, I was just as interested in the publishing process as I was in becoming a better writer. Might be backwards, cart before the horse, etc. but it’s true. I plan to share some of what I’ve learned about publishing because I know that everyone who writes is at least a little interested in the topic (Note. I am not going to share everything. That’s the next course :)).
  • I plan to push you. I believe that people who want to write, can. But it takes work. I’m not going to pretend this is easy. I’m going to tell you that you can’t rush this process. A thick skin is important in writing. I am going to help you grow.

Here’s a video explaining a little bit about it. Look for enrollment details in the new year! I can’t wait! I’m excited!


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