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Archive for February, 2017

How to help a depressed friend

help a depressed friend

¬†   People often ask me how to help a depressed friend.¬†That depends.   If you are not super close, help a depressed friend by: -Reaching out via text or with a card letting her know you are praying for and thinking of her. -Leaving a small gift or a meal (without the expectation that she will open the door). -Praying for them regularly.   If you are a bit closer, help a depressed friend by: -Doing all of the above. -Noticing when she is…

Depression is lonely, It helps to identify why

Depression is lonely. I know because I am lonely when I am in a major depressive episode. Saying that depression is lonely probably makes my husband sigh and people in my life cringe because they try to be there for me. They want to be my friends and I reject them. Can I be honest? It makes me sigh and cringe, too. Loneliness is part of my illness. It is a battle, friendship that is, one in which I’m often unable to tackle even though…