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Archive for March, 2016

Join my Still Life Insiders Facebook Group!

Still Life Insiders Facebook Group

I’d love for you to join my Still Life Insiders Facebook group… As many of you know, I┬áhave struggled with severe depression for many years. Still Life, A Memoir of Living with Depression (publishing May 1st!) is a book that will give you a first hand, insider’s look at what that does to a mother, a family, and to a faith. I pray that God uses the book for good and helps others who struggle with mental health and their families to know they are…

10 things not to say to a mother fighting depression


10 things not to say to a mother fighting depression There are many friends and family who want to help me as a mother fighting depression. They just don’t know how. I’ve compiled this list. I hope it helps those close to us and people who aren’t educated about depression as well. First 10. Go outside for a walk. Sunshine and fresh air help me sometimes when I am depressed, but I get tired of people suggesting outdoors activities as if I never thought of…