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Archive for March, 2015

World Down Syndrome Day according to Polly, an 8 year old with Down syndrome

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World Down Syndrome Day is Saturday, March 21st Did you know that Saturday (3/21) is the 10th Anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day? People all over the world are doing their part: speaking in classes, passing out brochures, posting about it on Facebook, to make sure the word gets out. People with Down syndrome are more like the rest of us than different. My daughter Polly, 8 years old, explains Down syndrome… Polly and I put together a little video to help celebrate! We’d so appreciate…

Letting go of self-sabotage

Letting go of self-sabotage on the special needs journey It took Polly, who was born with Down syndrome, a long time to walk. When she was around two and a half years old, her physical therapist loaned us a stander; this wooden contraption that looked like it may have been used for torture at some point in the past, designed to strap kids in while standing upright to build muscle mass, you know, the stuff that is critical for one to stand and walk. Because…