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Archive for May, 2013

The Memoir and the Robin at the WordServe Water Cooler today …


The Memoir and the Robin at the WordServe Water Cooler today … I sit in the living room, my laptop in front of me, open, alive, waiting for my fingers to type. But I don’t. I can’t seem to think of one true word, let alone one true sentence. Papa Hemingway would not be impressed. Thud… Thud… My eyes follow the thud to the window that looks out to our chipped blue porch and the Japanese maple in the front yard. Within a month, leaves…

When mom screws up … thoughts about jipping siblings of kids with Down syndrome


What they lose … thoughts about siblings of kids with Down syndrome “Mom, we just realized today that our school play is during the same week as family camp. We had to pull out of the play. We gave our lines to other actors,” my eleven-year-old daughter Zoya looked at me, alarmed, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. About a month ago, we were offered an amazing scholarship to attend a special needs family camp in June. Our children Polly and Evangeline who…

Mother’s Day Book Winners!

picture with yellow

Mother’s Day Book Winners! Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s Mother’s Day daily book giveaway! It was a huge success, and I hope you all have some great new books on your list to read! A special thanks to the authors who took the time to visit with us here and who are giving away copies of their books: Jennifer Grant, Shauna Niequist, Kate Hopper, Claire Bidwell Smith, Jena Morrow, and Suzanne Kamata. Here are the winners to the Mother’s Day Book Giveaway! Monday: MOMumental – bn100,…

Call Me Okaasan Book Giveaway and interview with Suzanne Kamata


Help me welcome my friend Suzanne Kamata, and the excellent book she edited, “Call Me Okaasan, Adventures in Multicultural Mothering.” I read this book of short stories and essays by 20 women writers from around the world about a year an a half ago, and the stories have stayed with me. You have to check this book out! I invited Suzanne to talk to us about writing and motherhood. And to round out the week, Suzanne is offering one signed copy of her book to…

Hollow Book Giveaway and Interview with Jena Morrow

Hollow An Unpolished Tale by Jena Morrow

Hollow Book Giveaway and Interview with Jena Morrow Jena Morrow’s memoir Hollow, An Unpolished Tale is an honest narrative about one woman’s struggle with anorexia nervosa. I loved reading this book, and heartily recommend it and its sequel, Hope for the Hollow: A Thirty-Day Inside-Out Makeover for Women Recovering from Eating Disorders. Jena is giving away a signed copy of Hollow. Thanks, Jena, for visiting, and talking about writing and motherhood! 1. What is the hardest thing about being a writer and a mom? Two words: Time management. My peak time for…