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Archive for February, 2013

5 mistakes I’ve made as an adoptive parent

5 mistakes

5 mistakes I’ve made as an adoptive parent Our daughter Evangeline came to our family three years ago through international adoption from Ukraine. After our daughter Polly was born with Down syndrome in 2006, our family sensed God’s urging to bring another little one into the fold with a little something extra (a chromosome, to be exact). I will say this up front. It has been totally worth it. We love our daughter to the moon and back. But it has also been way harder…

Forgetful goldfish and the kitchen sink

 Forgetful goldfish and the kitchen sink Okay, so today I am going to talk about goldfish and kitchen sinks. How will I tie the two together you might ask? I have no idea. When it comes to motherhood, faith, and life in general, it amazes me how easily I fluctuate between dual personalities within myself. On one side, I am a person of faith who believes that God is not only the goal of my journey but also my companion. I believe I am the…

Depressed mom = failed mom

Depressed mom = failing mom I’m going to hit a nerve today. For those of us moms who struggle with depression, one of the biggest thoughts that will run through our minds is this: I am failing as a mom. I am failing as a mom. At least, that’s one of the primary thoughts I battle in my depression. I’m sure that every mom thinks such thoughts from time to time, but for depressed moms, these feelings are frequent, and amplified, and terrifying, and excruciating….

Laughter and the special needs family

Joe Wins

  (Join me in welcoming my friend, playwright, and all around funny guy Ben Fort today as he shares about the role laughter plays in a family affected by special needs. And be sure to check out his bio at the end, and head over to his current project to see how to get involved. Thanks Ben!) Laughter and the special needs family When I think about growing up with a brother with special needs, I don’t automatically think of difficult times. Sure, my family has…

Down syndrome through a dad’s eyes


(Join me in welcoming Rob, who writes thoughtfully and beautifully about Down syndrome through a dad’s eyes, at Treyton’s Posse. Welcome Rob!) Down syndrome through a dad’s eyes If I close my eyes and concentrate I can almost hear the voices like I was there. I hear my wife Leigh Ann asking me, “Rob is he all right? Is the baby healthy?” I can hear the nurses whispering as they work through the Apgar score for my precious baby boy. Treyton is my fourth child,…