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Archive for January, 2013

Empty Hands

empty hands

World’s Okayest Mom

World’s Okayest Mom I saw this coffee cup picture today on Facebook. Boy, do I want one. It made me laugh out loud. I got so excited, as this notion of being an okay mom has been on my radar recently. Moms have demands; kids, homes, friends, spouses, work. I get it, life is demanding. Strap on a toddler or two in the house, and the demands are so tall at times you want to curl up in a ball in the corner of the…

Her name is Evangeline

evie label

Slowing down due to sickness


Slowing down due to sickness  We’ve had a nasty virus in the Marchenko home this week. I’m talking buckets of green stuff that makes your insides quiver, red eyes, fevers, aches, pains, blanket cuddling and lots of Arthur on PBS. It’s hit Polly and me the most, but Evangeline has weaved in and out of the infirmary as well. So my projects and work paused. The girls and I have taken turns seeping in hot baths, we scored a three hour nap one afternoon, played…

Adoption: the severe and sublime work of bonding

Evangeline and I in Ukraine after meeting in 2009.

Adoption: the severe and sublime work of bonding She chose the wall This first night I spent with my freshly adopted daughter from Ukraine three years ago reminded me of watching wildlife. We were staying at my mother-in-law’s apartment in Kiev, Ukraine and three weeks prior to that night our visits were limited to two-hour intervals at her baby orphanage located outside the city. That night, upon entering the bedroom, my daughter dove for the large pull out couch pushed up against the wall. Once…