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Archive for July, 2012

A child who is non-verbal still has a voice

  Our five-year-old daughter Evangeline (who has Down syndrome) is non-verbal. But every day her life speaks volumes. Read more about our wonderful daughter: Learning the language of my non-verbal child Here And here

Vacation is …

  A needed time in a busy mother’s life to slow down,   And remember that she really does like her family.

The Tent, disability blog hop

How a memory of a tent helps me work through my fear of disability I have this memory of a tent.  At the time I don’t think I was aware of the word ‘disability.’ I don’t know when it happened, although I know that our family was still living on the other side of Michigan, the Detroit side, so I had to be younger than seven. It’s a fuzzy memory, more like a feeling. When I think about it everything is kind of yellow. I still feel…

A blog post from my daughter Elaina

(The following post was written by my oldest daughter, Elaina who is 11 years old. I’d love for you to leave her a comment. She’s excited to be guest posting :)). I wanted to write a post for my mom’s website. She said it has to be 500 hundred words or something like that so here goes. Life with sisters who have Down syndrome Evie is really growing up! She is louder and likes to share her opinion. And Polly shares her opinion on just…