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Archive for June, 2012


Here’s the 10 special needs of special needs parents¬†free PDF download available for personal use! I wrote a post about 10 special needs of special needs parents that was well received. Use this resource to: Email or print out and give to a friend Share with your church or school Wallpaper the Target bathroom?? ūüôā If you choose to add this list to a publication (i.e. newsletter, handout, etc.), please email me at I’d like you to include a quick bio from me and…

A thought about my daughter who has Down syndrome

10 special needs of special needs parents

10 special needs of special needs parents As a mother to two little girls who have Down syndrome, I need parents of typically developing kids to know something. I have needs. And yes, they may be a bit special because I have “children with special needs.” Parental support from others in this crazy business of raising kids is essential in a mother or father’s life. So it can be painful when support falls flat, or if it doesn’t show up at all. How do you…

Red Balloons, first blog post link-up!

Balloon against sky

  (I was looking through my old blogs today and stumbled upon the very first entry I submitted to the blogosphere in 2007 … I can’t believe I have been blogging for five years!) Red Balloons My brother had a dual birthday party for his son and his wife a few weeks ago.¬†¬†I heard all about it the other day on the phone with my mom.¬†¬†The party took place outdoors, at a park, on a sunny California day.¬†¬†There were drinks for the adults, a jumping…

One day at a time

  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in parenting is this: Take life one day at a time. That’s it. You don’t have to have everything figured out today. Today I am overwhelmed. I am worried. Worry doesn’t help. It just robs us of the here and now. What I have to do today: love my family, maybe take a shower, do some laundry, and pray and ask God to meet me here where I am at. What about you? Are you struggling? Worrying?…