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Archive for May, 2012

Down syndrome, adoption, bonding, hot cement, and hearing each other’s voice

  How is your bond with Evangeline? “How is your emotional connection to Evie going?” Nicola asked last week after I opened the blog for questions. Thank you for asking about our bond, Nicola. I am a writer, so of course, as I thought about how to answer your question, a story emerged. Enjoy! *** This afternoon the kids and I went outside to play. Our new dog Scout got to come out and bask in the sunshine too once I figured out how to screw her…


  I have a post up today at STORY BLEED MAGAZINE. Again, it is about the harder parts of our adoption story. Both STORY BLEED and WE ARE GRAFTED IN contacted me months ago about using my posts and now they happen to launch a day apart. Funny for me too, because Evie and I are going to a new therapy appointment this morning. My mind is connecting the dots. God is working a beautiful picture in us. Would love for you to stop by…

WE ARE GRAFTED IN guest post

Today I am over at WE ARE GRAFTED IN writing about post-adoption depression in mothers. WE ARE GRAFTED IN is a website to connect, encourage, and learn together as adoptive families. I encourage you to spend some time over there. It’s my first time there. Would appreciate it if you took a moment to read and leave a comment. Thanks.

What I miss about living in Ukraine

The Question Here’s a question from Jill: I would like to know what thing(s) you most miss about living in Ukraine. We were missionaries in Canada for a short 13 months, yet I find myself longing for the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, the drive from Calgary to Banff, the provincial parks, the cleanliness, the politeness, but most of all …the feeling that we were so completely in God’s hands. Um, not that this is about me.   The Answer This is a hard question to answer,…

Um, questions?

  I hesitate to open this blog up for questions for two reasons: 1) The last time I did this, no one asked me anything which gave me flashbacks to sitting in the corner at Junior High dances, and oh, so much wanting to be asked to dance. and 2) Someone may ask something I don’t want to answer. So, why am I opening up a post to questions. I don’t really know. You got me. But what the heck? Topics up for grabs are:…