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Archive for March, 2012

I grieve sometimes, in the quiet places of my heart, the children they are not

Click here to read my guest post about the benefit of brokenness for a special needs parent at SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES.

My glass is half-empty, thoughts on a Christian struggling with depression

  A lot of people talk about their moods with the metaphor, “my glass is half-full.” Well, because of my struggle with depression, most days my glass is at best half-empty. When it gets really bad, my glass is all broken up. There’s no water in sight. And sometimes, well-meaning friends try to help me. They come at me with glue and duct tape and spackle. It the person is a Christian, she might say “maybe there is sin in your life that you need…

Tweet chat TONIGHT 3/22, 8pm with SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES (A Special Needs Parent Network) Join us!

Go here to find a story featuring my sweet little girls, Down syndrome, adoption, advocacy and why World Down Syndrome Day should have been on YOUR radar. And join me and SNAPPPIN’ MINISTRIES tonight for a tweet chat at 8 pm. We will be talking about my family’s story, how we can all advocate for individuals with special needs, and about special needs adoption. To get more info about the tweet chat and register, etc . . . check out the facebook event. About…

World Down Syndrome Day, why I believe most five-year-olds would welcome a child with a disability into their families as adults

Unless we as parents and adults screw it up. Have you heard the saying everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten? I think kindergartners this year, right now, in 2012, know more than most of us adults. There are now simple blood tests developed that could possibly eliminate people who have one extra chromosome detected early in the pregnancy. Last week the disability community was in an uproar over a news story about a family who sued their hospital for not prenatally diagnosing…

A video for World Down Syndrome Day, My children are many things, but they are NOT retarded

  Make a video – it’s fun, easy and free!