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Archive for February, 2012

One face of adoption

THEN (first time meeting her in Ukraine in 2009) AND NOW. . . 2 1/2 years later. . .

Are you an adoptive mom who is struggling?

If so, I have a message for you this morning. It’s okay to struggle. It’s okay that you struggled. It’s okay that you are struggling. It’s okay. That’s it. That’s my message. I’ve struggled. I still struggle. Here are a few past posts to prove it: A Few Thoughts, a post about my true feelings upon meeting my daughter You’re doing it wrong, a post about second guessing myself as a mother I’m scared of July 25th, a post about how I should have been…

Evangeline says thanks for your prayers and support. She had a pneumonia scare, but is feeling better! And now she is getting back to the martial art of Karate, thank you very much!

The importance of a voice

These last two weeks, I actually sensed God’s desire for me to open up more about my personal life. I’ve written about my struggle in telling the whole truth in the memoir I recently finished writing, and about the severity of my experience with post-adoption depression after we brought our daughter Evangeline home from Ukraine. A little bit of electricity zapped my fingertips as I hit the publish tab on both posts. What would people think if I put myself out there? I should just…